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Auto Finance Leads

auto finance leads
Auto Finance Leads That Convert

People love their cars. They love their minivans and their light trucks. This is evident on the roads across America (and the rest of the world) every single day. Though mass transit and alternative methods for transportation cut down on the number of automobiles on the roads in larger urban areas, people still love their cars. We here at D-Media Group, we understand this. We also understand the demand for new and used cars never goes away. If you are in the auto-finance industry, we have the auto finance leads you are searching for.

According to an article in the Wall Street Journal (dated January 5, 2016), 17.5 million cars and light trucks were sold in the U.S in 2015. The vast majority of these sales were done through auto loans and bank financing. According to a report in the LA Times, this number is the highest it has been in the last fifteen years. Americans are more confident in the economy, gas prices have fallen, and interest rates dropped to more affordable rates. As these trends continue, more and more consumers are thinking about getting a new vehicle. We want you to be the first person they talk to about financing.

Up-To-The Minute Fresh Auto Loan Leads

Our auto finance leads are up-to-the-minute fresh leads we gather through the internet. These are not cold leads. The referrals you receive from D-Media Group are from consumers who have actively searched out information on auto financing and have volunteered to give up their contact information so you can find them. We can get these auto loan leads to you within a matter of minutes from when we receive the information. It can be that fast. The first caller is usually the one who scoops up the customer. We will help you be that caller.

Not only do we work with typical auto finance leads, we can help those who work in all sectors of the auto finance business. Not only do we find premium and prescreened loan seekers with good credit, we can help with sub-prime and even bad credit auto leads if those are your target market. Often these folks are in a better place and are ready to buy. They need to find someone who specializes in less than perfect credit. If that person is you, we have the special auto finance leads ready and waiting for your attention.

Buy Our Finance Leads With Confidence

When you purchase your auto finance leads through D-Media Group, we want you to have the very best referrals out there. Our leads come straight from an interested consumer. We have been working with and collecting leads since 1995. Our leads can be delivered almost instantaneously to ensure you have a leg up on your competition. You can rest assured our leads are prescreen and pre-qualified, where applicable so you are receiving the auto leads most likely to connect you with a customer who is eager to get moving on their auto financing. When you reach out to us, we can talk about how many leads you need and how often. Our goal is to enrich your business endeavors.

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