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Student Debt Leads

student debt leads

Imagine an investment in your future that never pans out. Perhaps it works out, but the costs are far wider and broader than you could have imagined. Buying homes and autos are important milestones in life, but nothing is more important than an education. This education is what helps consumers afford those homes and cars. Sadly, the debt in this country is on the rise. Student fall behind and default all the time. This is where you come in. You need to find your customers, so D-Media Group offers the student debt leads and referrals you seek.

There are 44 million student loan debtors in the U.S. Those are a lot of potential customers. Altogether, those loan holders owe a staggering total of 1.3 trillion dollars to various student loan servicers. Some are government held loans and some are through private banks and other lenders. This amount will only continue to grow. While some former students have no trouble paying off their loans, a growing number are struggling to meet the payments. These are among those we find in our student debt leads.

Many With Student Loan Debt Are About To Default

There are various types of student loan debt leads we can offer. The first is the student who is up to date and current. All is well there, but they wish to consolidate their loans and score a better interest rate. The second is the borrower who is falling behind. They may have had a life change in circumstances. When their finances take a hit, student loans fall down the list of priorities. Lastly, there are the students who have defaulted. They are plagued by demanding letters, garnished paychecks, and some of these people lose their tax returns to a loan company or bank. Eleven percent of borrowers fall into the last two categories.

Our student debt leads are comprised of all of these types of borrowers. It is our pleasure to prescreen these for the student debt relief leads you seek are packaged together and delivered to you on a daily basis. Often, these leads will be sent to you within minutes of the potential customer filling out one of our forms. We gather these voluntary leads all over the internet ensuring a steady supply of the student debt leads you seek. These are consumers actively seeking out assistance with their student loan debt. No cold calling, no guessing, and no telemarketing required on your end.

Order Student Debt Leads With Confidence

You can purchase our student loan debt leads with confidence. When you choose D-Media Group for your referral needs, we offer a fresh batch of leads every day. These leads are no older than 24 hours old. Not only do we work to get the most up-to-the-minute leads, we also offer low minimum order amounts and no start up fees. When you order your student debt leads with us, you will receive referrals with a potential of a10-30% closing ratio. We require no long term contracts, and we have a replacement policy to ensure your happiness with our leads. Call us today to find out how our leads can get your business moving in the right direction..

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