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Education Leads

D-Media is at the leading edge generating quality and timely education leads. We collect up-to-the-minute education leads to help colleges and universities reach out to those students who would be a good fit for their institution. If you are looking for exclusive education leads with no long term contract and high closing ratios, we have you covered. Our leads cover the full spectrum of educational opportunities for students seeking to further their education.

education leads

Part of the American Dream, for some, is having the opportunity to go to college. There are plenty of great trade jobs which do not require a college education, but most successful, white collar careers require at least four years of college, if not more. There are also two year associate’s degrees for specialized trades like art, cooking, and some communications careers. Instead of relying on a high school guidance counselors to guide students toward the right college, many high school students now turn to the internet to find the right college.

The National Student Clearinghouse has been studying and recording after high school educational trends since 1993. They have reported college enrollment has been down since its peak in the 2010-2011 enrollment year, and they predict those numbers will continue to decline. What does this mean? Colleges and other learning institutions will have to work extra hard to secure their proposed enrollment numbers. This is where we can help you. We have worked hard to perfect our student lead generation methods so we can offer the most up-to-the-minute, fresh education leads your organization seeks.

Online Education Lead Generation

Not only do we offer education leads for traditional college institutions, we also offer lead generation for online education. While high school graduates may pursue online education, more and more people are seeking out higher education through the internet. These are parents, grad students, and those wishing to change careers. These leads are highly valuable. Remember – the first school to call a potential student is usually successful. If you do not want to duke it out with other institutions, we offer exclusive leads sent to you in real time which have high closing ratios. Potential online students search online and we want to connect them with you within minutes of their inquiry.

We Take Lead Generation For College Education Seriously.

We have been collecting leads since 1995 and have found the right formula to get you the leads you seek. Not only do we offer you the newest leads, some delivered to you within minutes, we also weed out the leads we think will not pan out. Our success is your success, so you can be purchase our leads with confidence. We have a replacement policy in place in the event a bad lead slips through to you.

Why chose D-Media leads over other education lead generation companies? Our experience speaks for itself. Marketing through television, radio, and internet campaigns is hit or miss because the market is saturated. We offer the very best and simplest way to buy education leads which will offer real, tangible results. Stop scouring the internet for ideas and prices, and give us a call. We are waiting to hear from you. We have no start up fees and high closing ratios, and we will get you started immediately. Call today.

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